«We can’t but say that we are proud of our history, the history which has allowed us to rank nowadays among the largest machinery makers worldwide for aluminium machining. 
A story that began long ago, shared by those that have fed on the typical Italian brains and built on observation, intuition and dedication.
Brains already expressed in 1960 by my father, Achille Mauro, a bicycle fixer and reseller, when he  accepted a challenge almost as if playing: to build a machinery to finish aluminium profiles. Since then, time, evolution and technologies have undergone the scrutiny of our competencies, and even our family chronicle has changed into an industrial reality.
Yet, our spirit has remained as at outset, the one which places first and foremost human relationships rather than a managerial approach in handling business, the one preserving a ‘family’ dimension, and a rational, progressive growth rate, allowing us to regulate our work without being subject to market hysteria.
Yes, that is what our true pride amounts to.

Elena Mauro

Achille Mauro designs and builds his first transfer polishing machine for aluminium profiles.
Emmebi is set up at Pavia di Udine, in the province of Udine.
Our productive range is enriched with packaging and automation machineries for aluminium extrusion, anodizing and painting plants.
Roberto Fadini joins Emmebi: from a handicraft concern, our firm becomes an industrial reality.
The family ‘chart’ is completed: Achille Mauro (chairman), Roberto Fadini (managing director), Elena Mauro (commercial manager), Alberto Mauro (head of production), Martina Nardone (in charge of administration).
Premises are transferred to our current, 6,000 sq. metre structure, at Pavia di Udine.
Our headquarters get bigger (offices and productive unit).
Emmebi exports its plants to several Countries worldwide (Europe, the Middle East, Northern Central and South America, Oceania).